The Classic Virtual Synth RGCAudio Z3ta

The RGCAudio Z3ta Waveshaping synthesizer is one of the best virtual modelled synths for electronic music. It has 6 different modules for the oscillators in wich you can choose different types of waves like: vintage saw, octave saw, multi saw or noisy saw, vintage square, octaved square, vintage triangle multi triangle, baz it, disto, additive, organs, pianos, voice, syn, fmish, noisy, resampled and others. In the oscillator module you can shift the octaves and choose between different modes like: fixed sync, normal sync, inverted sync and others.
You can also use a low frequency oscillator wich have different types of waves and modes.
it has multiple envelope generators and a modulation matrix wich can receive midi data from a X-Y pad.
In the filters mode you can choose betwenn different filters from 12dB to 36 dB. There is a limitter wich goes from slow to fast.
The waveshaping synth uses .fxb soundbanks that have hundreds of great sounds.


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